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Income Statement: 10-Year-Summary

Datum Umsatz EBIT Gewinn EPS Dividende KGV KUV
2019 [USD] 736,20 Mio. -19,00 Mio. -22,40 Mio. -0,50 - - -
2018 [USD] 769,80 Mio. 14,50 Mio. 20,70 Mio. 0,46 - - -
2017 [USD] 783,10 Mio. -4,10 Mio. -87,80 Mio. -1,98 - - -
2016 [USD] 759,90 Mio. 9,90 Mio. -0,40 Mio. -0,01 - - -
2015 [USD] 838,00 Mio. -21,10 Mio. -17,80 Mio. -0,39 - - -
2014 [USD] 987,40 Mio. 11,70 Mio. 11,50 Mio. 0,24 - - -
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OMNOVA Solutions Inc. (NYSE: OMN) was created in 1999 when GenCorp Inc. (formerly the General Tire and Rubber Company) spun off its specialty chemicals and decorative products businesses into a new, independent, publicly-traded company. Today, OMNOVA operates two business units. Performance Chemicals, an innovator of emulsion polymer coatings, adhesives and binders and specialty chemicals, makes up about 76% of the Company’s sales. Engineered Surfaces, a designer/manufacturer of decorative and functional surfaces such as coated fabrics and laminates, comprises the remaining 24%. OMNOVA’s products provide a variety of important functional and aesthetic benefits to countless items that people use every day. The Company holds leading positions in key market categories. While the OMNOVA name was created in 1999, many of the businesses have been enjoying leadership positions for well over 50 years. OMNOVA’s leading positions have been built through innovative new products, customized produ