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[WKN: A1KCL6 | ISIN: US85858C1071]
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Income Statement: 10-Year-Summary

Datum Umsatz EBIT Gewinn EPS Dividende KGV KUV
2019 [USD] 43,22 Mio. -76,79 Mio. -76,82 Mio. -1,83 - - -
2018 [USD] 0,50 Mio. -85,02 Mio. -85,02 Mio. -3,00 - - -
2017 [USD] 0,90 Mio. -67,83 Mio. -67,83 Mio. -2,94 - - -
2016 [USD] 1,04 Mio. -38,33 Mio. -38,30 Mio. -2,15 - - -
2015 [USD] 0,65 Mio. -37,24 Mio. -37,24 Mio. -2,15 - - -
2014 [USD] 0,34 Mio. -28,83 Mio. -28,83 Mio. -2,23 - - -
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Stemline Therapeutics, Inc. is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company and a leading developer of novel oncology compounds directed to cancer stem cell targets. Stemline’s lead compound, SL-401, targets the interleukin-3 receptor present on multiple hematological cancers including leukemia blasts and leukemia cancer stem cells. SL-401 has demonstrated single agent anti-tumor activity at tolerable doses in a multi-center Phase I human trial. Behind its lead, Stemline is developing a broad portfolio of compounds directed at this and other high value cancer stem cell targets of a variety of hematological and solid cancers. In addition, Stemline has built a robust discovery platform called “StemScreen®� which the Company has utilized to identify multiple compounds that target and impair cancer stem cells. Stemline also possesses a comprehensive intellectual property portfolio that includes the earliest filings in the cancer stem cell field covering cancer stem cell-directed the